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We are Regenerados Plásticos Andaluces, a company located in Granada (Andalusia) dedicated to the purchase-sale and recycling of plastic with more than 30 years of experience in the sector. We are authorized for the Management (Recovery) of all types of non-hazardous plastic waste.

Our goal is to offer our customers the highest quality in each and every one of the products (pellets) that we have. We care about the environment, which is why we are focused on the reuse of plastic waste, to give them a new value, a usefulness and, as a final objective, to be able to reincorporate them back into production chains, thus avoiding their being sent to landfill.

We have polyethylene and polypropylene pellets for any type of application (extrusion, injection, blowing, etc.).

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Regenerados Plásticos Andaluces S.A.

Address | Camino Barrasa s/n
18320 Santa Fe (Granada)

Phone | +34 958 440 550

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