In our company, Regenerados Plásticos Andaluces, we have dedicated more than 30 years to the sale of plastic and to the recovery and transformation of plastic waste. Our facilities, with about 5000m2, are located in Granada, do not hesitate to come and see our work.

We work with low density polyethylene (LDPE) and high density polyethylene (HDPE) and polypropylenes (PP). Our main objective is to offer the client the maximum quality in our products, adapting to the needs that he demands.

Our job is to safeguard the environment, since what is at first a plastic waste, after passing through us, is once again very useful, being able to integrate again into the production chains.


Regenerados Plásticos Andaluces is an authorized manager of non-hazardous waste with GRU-10 number, being authorized to manage:

  • Waste or scraps of plastic (PP, HDPE and LDPE).
  • Plastic containers (PP, HDPE and LDPS).
  • Plastic chips and burrs (PP, HDPE and LDPE).

RPA is a member of the principal National Association of Plastic Recyclers (ANARPLA), and of the European Association of Plastics Recyclers (EUPR).



The concern that companies have expressed about the environment in recent times, is only the response to the demands of a society increasingly aware of the problems of our natural environment and the comfort of citizens.

That is where we, Regenerados Plásticos Andaluces, play a decisive role, safeguarding the environment that surrounds us, through the recycling and integration back into the productive chain, of the plastic waste generated by the consumer society in which we find ourselves.

Come and meet us, we will be happy to assist you.