Reciclado de plásticos en Granada

Work process

In Regenerados Plásticos Andaluces we use the most advanced technology in the treatment and recycling of all types of plastic waste for later use.
We use the most complex and advanced systems for the recycling of a large variety of waste and plastic waste. At present we have 2 recycling lines, which give us a production capacity of more than 700 tons per month. The production process consists of:

  • Classification and separation of materials.
  • Crushed solid pieces or separated from cardboard (spools), if necessary.
  • Mechanical recycling (Filtering and extrusion in the form of pellets).
  • Collection of the finished product in bags or big-bags.
  • Analysis of finished product (pellets): Control of traceability of production batches (Density, color, humidity, ash, flow index (M.F.I.), etc.).
  • Labeling and storage.

Our team consists of highly qualified and experienced operators, all of them regularly check the different processes to maintain the most optimal behavior possible in the final product. The main objective of our company is to offer the customer the highest quality in all the products we create and to safeguard the environment, being able to integrate the waste back into our environment.

If you wish you can come to know our recycling plant, we are dedicated both to the sale of plastic and its transformation, we are specialized in polyethylene and polypropylene, you can also contact us through our contact phone, we will be happy to assist you and resolve all doubts that may arise about our work or about recycling. We are located in Santa Fe, Granada, we can explain and show you all our production and recycling processes. Call us.